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As the last stage in the process, mastering should bring the best out of your productions and compositions. Seeking a very pure sound, a perfect dynamic range and homogenous frequency spectrum enhances the listening experience across a wide range of mediums, from large-scale sound systems right down to any personal media player.


While endeavouring to remain faithful to the original works, Preference Mastering use state-of-the-art analogue equipment including high-precision tube & transformers devices, analogue compressors & equalizers with outstanding musical quality, and top-of-the-range digital mastering hardware and tools for optimal audio fidelity and listening comfort. Best of both worlds!


We regularly test our equipment with a series of very specific measurements to ensure our entire audio chain (analogue and digital) for additional hardware or any configuration change. Preference Mastering guarentees a pure sound without any disturbances in the signal path such as digital aliasing or any unwanted analogue distortion.


Above all, we aim to highlight the expressive character of your music.


Once all these criteria have been taken into account, it is then necessary to homogenise all the tracks on an album in relation to each other – in terms of the subject’s individual perception of sound levels and in terms of spectral balance. This leads to a better listening experience by polishing the sound and flow of the album for the listener.

We cater for a wide range of audio mastering solutions across a wide range of formats, including CD (Red Book certified with PQ, ISRC, UPC/EAN, CD text…), DDP, Apple Digital Masters "MFiT" (Mastered for iTunes), Hi-Res, digital music services (Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, etc.) and vinyl.

The releases we master are badged as part of the Apple Digital Masters program.

Préférence Mastering studio is on Apple Digital Masters Providers List.

If you would prefer, we can also master using the Stem (multitrack) mastering technique, usually consisting of a song split into 4-10 stereo groups. It helps to enhance your mix prior the mastering process and can really improve the final sonic result.

We aim to offer a professional yet personal mastering solution and as such, like to establish a dialogue with our clients and discuss with them the latest ideas emerging in mastering studios – especially regarding ways of dealing with levels and compression formats. It is very important for us to work as a team with the artist and producer in order to get the sound YOU want.

We have an established and extensive record with a wide range of partners across various musical styles and we are the studio of choice for many of the world’s top labels and mastered thousands of albums to date.

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